All our snacks are made with love from the Amazon to Akron!

Loving the Rainforest

 Evan in Suriname while volunteering with the Peace Corps

When you eat Peaceful Fruits, you're also giving back to the Amazon Rainforest where Evan, our founder, served as a Peace Corps volunteer. Our acai drizzle contains whole, organic acai that grows wild in the rainforest. Hand harvested by local farmers, eating our fruit snacks supports sustainable economic development - which means that the people in the rainforest can continue to enjoy their way of life.

Each time you eat Peaceful Fruits, you're helping to save the Rainforest!

Loving Akron

 The Blick Center All-Star Team of folks with disabilities

Peaceful Fruits also gives back to our hometown: Akron, Ohio. In partnership with The Blick Center, we to help employ folks with developmental disabilities. Our all-star team does everything from making your fruit snacks to making sure they get safely to you. Learn more about our handmade fruit leather process here.  

snack with us, it's a!

Our snacks are blended whole and organic fruits (never from concentrate) that are slow dried to make an authentic fruit leather strip. We keep out all that bad stuff, including added sugar, corn syrup, additives, sweeteners, preservatives, flavoring, coloring, etc.