eBay honors Peaceful Fruits as Everyday Hero

eBay has named Peaceful Fruits one of their 2018 Everyday Heroes. This prestigious award is given to companies who make an extraordinary difference in the lives of others. We’re honored to join this impressive social good community.

eBay chose us to be their Everyday Hero because of our mission to hire individuals who traditionally face barriers to employment. We made this a foundation of our mission because we believe in the capabilities of everyone.


“Walking into the Peaceful Fruits building each day and seeing how we’re able to help people is humbling,” company founder Evan Delahanty said. “I couldn’t be more proud of our team. Their drive and their passion makes them the true heroes of the day.”

At Peaceful Fruits, we celebrate the differences between individuals. We’re dedicated to creating new opportunities and instilling our social good mission into the world.

Peaceful Fruits