Peaceful Fruits is a social good snack company that makes healthy, delicious, rainforest-friendly fruit snacks. Based in Northeast Ohio, the company was founded by a Peace Corps volunteer in 2014 after returning from work in the Amazon Rainforest.

Peaceful Fruits is putting the fruit back in fruit snacks. Unlike nearly all “fruit” snack companies, whose main ingredients are added sugars, syrups, or concentrates, the company produces snacks that contain nothing but whole organic fruit.

Peaceful Fruits helps sustain the Amazon by purchasing fruit that grows wild in the Rainforest. Those purchases help communities profit without selling their land for clearcutting.

The award-winning, mission-based company proudly employs people with disabilities in full-wage jobs. Those workers are involved in the production of every snack the company manufactures.

Peaceful Fruits is proud to be a B Corporation. It has been featured on Shark Tank, NPR, BuzzFeed, and elsewhere.