Natural Save the World Snacks (12 pack)

Natural Save the World Snacks (12 pack)

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usda organic

all natural / non-gmo / vegan & paleo friendly

no artificial ingredients, flavors, or junk

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Curious how Peaceful Fruits is dealing with the Shark Tank demand-surge? Here's what Evan has to say...


Made by a Peace Corps Volunteer, this snack is where it's at. It's fair trade and sustainable, helping to preserve the Amazon Rainforest. It's made in Akron, Ohio to create full wage jobs for people with disabilities. And - get this - it's a fruit snack that is ACTUALLY just made from fruit.  Absolutely. Nothing. Else.

With more than 25 acai berries in every strip, this is packed with the purple power of this superfood, deliverying antioxidants, amino acids, and healthy omegas straight from the Amazon. We blend the exotic with the familiar harvest sweetness of apple, or the warm zing of pineapple.

This is perfect for kids and adults alike! Great for getting through that afternoon dip, a high-energy workout, or in somebody's lunch bag!