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In 2016, Peaceful Fruits was named one of the top social enterprises in northeast ohio by seachange, a social enterprise accelerator

SEA Change is Northeast Ohio’s new Social Enterprise Accelerator. It is a collaborative initiative that provides coaching, connections and capital to people who have big ideas to improve their community. SEA Change connects resources, funders, innovators, and mentors to accelerate your idea from concept to successful social enterprise.


New flavors coming soon

Check out our new look and newest flavors, hitting shelves August 1st!


a peaceful listen:Podcasts featuring Peaceful Fruits

Ditch The Box

Food Startups Podcast

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A Review of Peaceful Fruits

It’s actually really good. Just the right amount of sweetness so I don’t feel sick or nauseated after eating one. I don’t like super sugary treats, I never even really eaten the sinful version of the Wild Açaí Fruit Strips growing up. You know, the dreaded super sugary fruit strips that parents stuff in their kids lunch boxes."



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