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our peaceful origins


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a life changing journey

When Peaceful Fruits founder Evan Delahanty joined the Peace Corps in 2011, he knew he was in for a life-changing journey, but had no idea where it would take him.  For two years, Evan served as a Community Economic Development Specialist in Suriname, a small country in South America. As a volunteer, Evan worked with locals and helped them improve their standard of living and protect their way of life, while keeping in balance with the Amazon Rainforest. It was here, in Suriname as a Peace Corps volunteer, where the Peaceful Fruits philosophy took root. 


around The kitchen table

When Evan came home to Akron, Ohio, he wanted to maintain his connection to the Amazon Rainforest and to the incredible people he met during Peace Corps. Sitting around his family's kitchen table, Evan came up with the idea to use wild, sustainable fruit that is ethically harvested from the Amazon to make authentic fruit snacks. For snacks, click here!

origins peaceful fruits


community engagement

Peaceful Fruits is committed to spreading the idea of social enterprise. You'll often spot us at events, speaking to students, and engaging with community leaders to promote goodness and health. Social enterprise is the idea that business can make a profit while still taking care of all the stakeholders involved with the process: producers, consumers, and Mother Nature. As such, Peaceful Fruits was named one of the top social enterprise startups in Ohio by SEAChange in 2016.