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fruit snack philosophy


We are on a mission to change the way we snack

After his Peace Corps experience, Evan wanted to make the best snacks possible. They had to be good and not just good for you, but good tasting too. Evan created Peaceful Fruits to create superfood snacks that would enable people to connect with Mother Nature and the Amazon Rainforest even from far away - say, in a small city like Akron. This mean creating a snack that could travel, isn't overly processed, and was made from Mother Nature's goodness: real fruit, and nothing but. 


Source Whole Fruits from Ethical Places

It's no secret that whole, organic fruit fuels our bodies best.  And when we know where that fruit comes from? Even better. We source whole fruits from small farmers in South America, like pineapple farmer Jose Calero, pictured left, who uses sustainable farming techniques to grow pineapples in Nicaragua. 


While Supporting Sustainability in the Amazon Rainforest

Many of our save the world snacks include an Acai Drizzle. The acai superfruit naturally grows in the Amazon Rainforest, right near where our founder Evan volunteered as a Peace Corps service member. Rooted in the Amazon, our ethically sourced snacks help provide a reliable source of income for the indigenous tribes that source our acai fruit with the aim of protecting the environment. 

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Support Economic Empowerment Stateside

As a social enterprise, we work hard to take care of each stakeholder involved in our production processes: from the land, to the farmer, to our all-star team of individuals with disabilities who make your snacks by hand with love right in Akron, Ohio. 


Create Healthy & Sustainable Fruit Strips 

Using those whole fruits from South America and the Amazon Rainforest, we create fruit leather strips that come in 8 unique flavors. Our final offering is a wholesome snack that everyone can enjoy with a peace of mind, knowing that the snack is good for you and good for the world. 


Share Our Story: the Future of Capitalism

It seems like a great idea, but can it work? Yes! We find that sustainable and ethical businesses are the ones that stand out, and we aren't the only ones who think so! When our Founder and CEO went on Shark Tank in 2017, we received overwhelming support from viewers across the country. And the Sharks? They loved the idea, noting that our business model is 'the future of capitalism.' 

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