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peace corp origins

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Peaceful Fruits began as a twinkle in Evan's eye 

After years of the 9 to 5 corporate life, Evan knew he was ready to contribute to the community in a bigger way, beyond traditional borders and his comfort zone. He started this journey by joining the Peace Corps, where he traveled to a remote Suriname village in the Amazon Rainforest. Here, Evan worked with indigenous tribes to establish a system that protects their ways of life and preserves the environment. It was during this exploration that he first tasted the acai berry, which grows wild in the Rainforest and with its healthy fats and antioxidants, provides a consistent source of nutrients. 


The original fruit leather flavors were Pineapple + Acai and Apple + Acai

After 2 years in the rainforest, Evan returned to his home in Akron with a renewed sense of community and 'goodness'. Shortly after his return, he established Peaceful Fruits with the idea of making sweet whole fruit snacks using acai as the core ingredient. The first two flavors were pineapple + acai and apple + acai, both of which were of course sustainably produced: while the fruits were ethically sourced in the Amazon, the snacks were handmade by Evan at his kitchen table.  Dually rooted in the Amazon and Akron, with a renewed idea of how to give back to the community, Evan slowly built Peaceful Fruits by placing sustainability at its foundation, building community-based trust and partnerships, and sharing 'good' tasty treats. 

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Rainforest Friendly & Sustainable

Our acai grows wild in the rainforest where it is ethically hand harvested by local farmers in the Amazon. Acai is sustainable because it fertilizes the land it grows in - providing mother nature with all the nutrients she needs to be fertile and strong. Peaceful Fruits is also sustainable because we collect only the acai fruit and work to take care of the rainforest so the natural resource doesn't run out - ethical sourcing at its finest. Our goal in working with people in the Amazon is to provide them with a trustworthy job so they can support themselves and their families however they see fit.