The Peaceful Mobile Takes a Trip to Baltimore


And with your help, we made it!

Thanks to our Kickstarter backers, we got to launch our fall season with a trip to Baltimore for Natural Products Expo East and what a way to begin!

Just like that, we’re a part of the 31 year old (and counting) history.


 Beginning in 1985 in Washington D.C. with 5,096 attendees, Expo East began as a way of uniting *natural food products: 

        * clean ingredients
        * no artificial flavors or flavors
        * little or no preservatives

                        . . . that kind of thing. Just like Peaceful Fruits :)  


At first natural products had a small start . . .  

We actually met the first broker for Stretch Island, an early pioneer in natural fruit snacks now owned by Kellogg, and he said that in the 1980’s, he was the only natural products broker in the whole state of Texas!    


But my, how the industry has grown!  

In present time these Natural Product Expos are much, much larger. This year’s Natural Products Expo East brought 28,000 attendees with 4 huge floors that were almost constantly bustling with energy. Imagine about 5 football fields hosting a farmers market.


That’s REALLY big . . . between watching our booth, going to the variety of offered seminars, and networking, we didn’t even have enough time to walk the whole 3.5 day show!

. . . So what were we there to do? 

We went in with a very focused mind: We are a simple, sustainable, superfruit snack, whose goal is to help save the Rainforest. Overall, we were working to connect to stores and movers & shakers in the industry to help us scale up as efficiently as possible.

Jeff and Evan charming the crowd

Jeff and Evan charming the crowd


With several orders from stores across the country on the spot and countless leads for more stores and partners, we are calling the expo a huge success!

And then we all got to meet some personal celebrities. 

Being surrounded by Top Players is a unique opportunity in itself. These expo attendees are experienced and successful and it’s an incredible chance to learn AND to meet in person some of the people we’ve been following as role models!

Jeff         (often behind the scenes, Peaceful Fruits co-Founder) met the subject of one of
                his favorite food entrepreneurship articles on how to test and start a food
                business while keeping it lean. Something we are all about!
Evan        got to meet Peace Corps food startup idols like Tim McCollum of Madecasse and
                Phil Hughes of Mavuno Harvuno! Their mission and success has helped shape
                our own approach to doing mission-driven, for profit business!

Keila       attended Plant Based Foods Association’s seminar and got to hear one of my
               favorite food activists, Elizabeth Kucinich, speak about the future of food - you
               know, where Peaceful Fruits is working hard to be!

From Keila’s point of view

Attending Expo East with Peaceful Fruits was an amazing experience. It taught me to listen, speak up, and to be firm in what I’m rooting for. Each person who came up to the booth had a different idea of our product and it was fun (and informative!) to listen to their feedback.


I also had loads and loads of fun walking the show. My favorite was walking up the aisles towards our booth and seeing the same dedicated creators smiling with their products each day.


In conclusion

It was awesome to hear positive feedback about our story and our snack from industry folks across the country and across a wide range of scale and accomplishment. 
Expo East 2016 was a success!

Stay tuned for more news!
~ the team at Peaceful Fruits