4 strategies to buying actually healthy snacks!


Going to the grocery store can be stressful. Aisles and aisles of colors, characters, and claims – shouting at you “buy me!”


Here are some tips to get through all the madness and buy snacks that are actually good for you and, hey why not! - maybe good for the world too!

1.) Block the noise

Your goal is to get the best product, but it’s important to remember - the company’s goal is to make money. Packaging is specifically designed to grab your eye and convince you to pick it up and drop it in your cart.

We are learning more and more about this science and it’s almost scary how sophisticated it gets!

Check out this 2 minute video or read up here to learn more.

So ignore the flashiest packaging and focus on what’s inside!


2.) Know your claims

It’s important to be aware of the definitions of what you’re reading so you don’t get duped.
Here’s a quick brush-up on claims you might see on a package:
    1.) Words like “organic” and “gluten free” have a regulated, legal definition that products MUST follow,  regardless of if they pay for a USDA            organic seal or not, due to their specific nature.
    2.) Terms like all-natural, local, premium, are NOT...and so don’t necessarily mean much, so. . . 
    3.) . . .be sure to look for seals/claims with high standards, such as these and take
          everything else with a grain of salt.

For more discussion of claims and ingredients, check back next week!!

For more discussion of claims and ingredients, check back next week!!

3.) Most importantly - READ the BACK!

Ignore most of what’s on the front of the box and flip straight to that list of ingredients. Most of the secrets to what is scary and/or what is happy is right there, by law!


Pro Tip - if the list is intimidatingly long, just put it back. Good-for-you products tend to have shorter, simpler ingredient lists.

4.) When in doubt, go for just about the best product ever: Peaceful Fruits

pineapple double.PNG

Made with nothing but real fruit, blended together and then slow-dried, we’re proud of our ingredient list. Take another look! And did we mention we have compostable packaging AND a do-good mission?

When you choose Peaceful Fruits, you are supporting a snack that provides priceless jobs for people in the Amazon, without them having to compromise their way of life AND you get a snack that is healthy and good for you.

And there you have it!

1.) There’s more going on than meets the eye
2.) Know what you’re reading
3.) Look at the back
4.) And you can always rely on Peaceful Fruits

With some practice, you’ll be a pro snack purchaser in no time!