Food Labels - and in the Front, check it out!

As you saw, many of these confusing “natural” ingredients are highly processed and not exactly from food . . . so what’s up with that?

I thought all-natural means something is healthy right?

Unfortunately, not quite. Claims on the front of a package, like all-natural, are a great starting point, but there is no strict FDA definition of what they mean. Here’s some common front label claims and a quick breakdown of what they mean for you.

Gluten Free: Gluten has come into spotlight (go in-depth with this article if you want a good read) and serves as a “natural” thickening and binding agent, so it’s used frequently in highly processed foods. Though we don’t know for sure if gluten is really that bad for most people, we do know that gluten-free foods are usually less processed and so a diet with less gluten is often healthier and features more whole, natural foods.


Non GMO: This is another trend that is really getting popular, but something we don’t have much information on because genetically modified plants have only been around since 1983. Do they cause physical harm in your diet? That is hotly debated! We do know, however, that a lot of land in the Amazon is clear cut to make room for gmo crops, which is the opposite of what Peaceful Fruits stands for. Also, like gluten-free, non-gmo is often an indicator of a healthier food due to less processing.

USDA Organic: Organic labeling is not about the healthiness of the food, but about how the food was created or manufactured, which in turn could bring positive health benefits, but not always.

Here's a video to help you understand 


The takeaway

So as you can see, even “official” claims like USDA Organic or gluten free don’t always mean that a product is truly healthy for you to eat - but they DO generally mean they're less processed, more wholesome, and that sure helps! But as always, the best way is to talk to a doctor/nutritionist, do your research, and - above all - read the ingredients list!  Check out last week’s post on that in case you missed it!

And, of course, eat Peaceful Fruits! Whole fruits, minimal processing, made in partnership with the growers.

Have a great day out there!