Kicking it With Kickstarter

As you may know, Peaceful Fruits ran an awesome KickStarter earlier this year (almost 250% of our $10,000 goal raised!) - and thank you again for helping make that and a success!

Now, as we are wrapping that up - i.e. getting ready to send out the rewards all of our backers earned! - we wanted to take a minute to reflect and share some of the lessons we learned!

First, what is KickStarter and this whole crowdfunding thing?

Kickstarter is a tool for putting projects in front of an audience and getting feedback to make the project even better. Basically, it’s a way to put your idea in front of a lot of people and make it easy for them to support you, a lot or a little, and get VIP access to the fruits of your labor in return! KickStarter is one of many crowdfunding platforms - which focuses on supporting concrete projects for concrete rewards. Other platforms do lending, investment, or even just donations!

kickstarter eq.PNG

That sounds cool! So how do you make a good crowdfunding campaign?

Well, here’s a good quick video that summarizes some of the prep work, and then keep reading to hear about what we did!


Step 1: Research!

You start by researching the different platforms and deciding which is right for you. KickStarter gets lots of traffic, BarnRaiser attracts foodies specifically, and IndieGoGo lets you keep the money even if you don’t hit your fundraising goal (just to name a few things to consider!)

We found the best approach was to look for campaigns with a great vision to see what they did and how they did it!

For example, Mammoth Bar is an awesome product that told an awesome story on KickStarter.  Their budget was a bit higher than we had, but their page was still great inspiration for how to tell our story and lay out our campaign!

(though we have to talk to them about what the perfect snack truly is. . . :) )

(though we have to talk to them about what the perfect snack truly is. . . :) )


Step 2: Content Generation!

Assess what your project is really about - save the world snacks! - and then figure out how to share that, not just on the KickStarter page but also in all of the other mediums you need to spread the word!  We planned out tweets, facebook posts, KS updates, and emails! The goal is to tell a compelling story that makes people want to be part of Peaceful Fruits and support us - in return for some awesome rewards!


For us, it comes back to the words “Simple. Sustainable. Superfood.” We did our best to tell the story of each of those aspects with photos, videos, and words.

Good videos are key and they aren’t hard - they just take some planning and (if at all possible) a friend with a decent microphone and camera!


Step 3: Spreading the word like peanut butter on a piece of toast.


We facebooked, we ‘grammed, we tweeted, and we emailed as fast as our little fingers could type.

A lot of this was aimed at people who already knew us - personally or professionally. This is the core “crowd” in crowdfunding - your immediate network. But we also worked hard to reach out to people who might be interested: athletes, yoga moms, environment supporters, and people interested in healthy/simple food.

We did a lot of this - reaching out to bloggers and other media influencers (like The Plain Dealer!) - but we could have done a whole lot more!  And we definitely should have started earlier!

Step 4: Reward your supporters!

This takes a lot of planning and a lot of doing, spanning our school subjects from math to penmanship! Tune back next week to hear about how we approached this aspect - and others - of crowdfunding!

And if you haven’t, check out our successful Kickstarter page!

Happy snacking out there!