3 Things YOU can do to Help Save the Rainforest


Behold the majestic beauty of the Amazon Rainforest! Covering much of South America, the Amazon seems far away but it’s actually all around you!

1.) Ever heard of palm or soy? Aim to avoid! 

If you haven’t, check out our recent post about food labels! Palm oil is a common ingredient (estimated to be in over HALF of packaged foods!) That’s a lot of palm trees, right? So many trees, in fact, that companies are clear cutting rainforests in order to plant them.

A huge, huge palm oil plantation.

A huge, huge palm oil plantation.


Soy can have the same issues too! These giant monoculture farms replace the vibrant rainforest - with all of its biodiversity and oxygen producing plants - and are bad for everything.

Here’s an aerial image of a large soy field in the middle of the rainforest.

Here’s an aerial image of a large soy field in the middle of the rainforest.


Definitely not all palm oil or soy is bad, but be aware and think before you buy! Look for products that are fair trade or ethical companies that otherwise show their commitment to doing things the right way. Here’s one of our favorite good-for-the-world chocolate producers:


2.) Paper? So 1990. 

Logging remains one of the biggest threats to the Rainforest and where does a lot of that wood end up? Paper products.

Fortunately, this one is even easier to work on than #1 - all you have to do is reduce/reuse/recycle! Don’t crumple up that waste paper - recycle it!  Don’t buy another roll of paper towels/napkins - get a cloth! And, when possible, look to buy wood products that are from environmentally friendly, ethical sources - trees like black cherry, white ash, and maple are often good bets!


3.) Click around - you might learn something . . .

. . . and even if you don’t, you can help support some great ethical companies! Visit websites The Rainforest Site and Ecology Fund everyday. If you click on the ‘Save Land’ buttons, advertisers will pay for habitat in the World Land Trust and Rainforest Trust project areas to be saved. You can click the buttons once daily!

For more details on saving the rainforest, check out this interview with Jane Goodall - renowned primatologist and moving voice for the environment and climate protection.


Peaceful Fruits is committed to sustainable ethical sourcing and clean ingredients in our organic fruit snacks - that’s a big part of how we do OUR part to protect the environment and the Amazon, while being an ethical company too. We appreciate you doing YOUR part by supporting us and other products with this mission. We hope you enjoyed these ideas for other ways you can help out in addition!