Reflections of a Summer Intern

We were so glad to have Jordan work with us for the summer. From helping us with setting up the KickStarter, to launching our newsletter, and helping spread the word in all sorts of ways - Jordan got a lot done in a short time.  We asked for her thoughts and here's what she had to say:

Peaceful Fruits Summer Intern Jordan at Lake Road Market!

Peaceful Fruits Summer Intern Jordan at Lake Road Market!


There is something to be said about the kids who go to college to study entrepreneurship. We are a very small group.  I have been told many times by friends, professors, and advisors that I am a non-traditional student. It took me a while to understand what they meant by that. However I soon realized we are among very few majors that do not go to college to come out with a job, we go to college to create jobs.  

I am about to start my third year at Kent State where I study entrepreneurship and business management.  Almost every time I tell someone what I am studying, they ask me what I plan to do with my degree.  I do not have any massive plans to start a huge business and make a bunch of money, I simply want to create value.  I want to create value for myself and my community, and allow my ideas to become important to people besides myself.

peaceful fruits entrepreneurship

Studying entrepreneurship is much different than studying most other things.  I am told by professors in every class, every semester, that there is a large chance that I will not be successful after I launch my business.  We all know that most startups fail, but we do not all know just how much work goes into that failure.  As an entrepreneurship major, I learn and study every aspect of a business. There is a distinct difference between me and my friends studying accounting - I do not just get an exam over what we have learned the past few weeks.  I get a room full of my peers and five minutes to sell myself and my ideas to them.

Sometimes I am frustrated with my major and sometimes I feel like I hit the lottery finding it.  But what I have learned the most during my past two years as an entrepreneurship major is how to adjust to failures, and never give up. If you believe in yourself and your product, nothing and no one can stop you - something else my professors tell me every semester.  

peaceful fruits entrepreneur

Being a student intern with Peaceful Fruits has provided me with the opportunities to dive head first into what it means to be an entrepreneur.  I am learning things about starting a business I never knew, and I am learning skills I will take with me long after my internship is over. Peaceful Fruits is also on-par with my future goals, which is to create value for our community.

Whether it is creating jobs locally, or improving someone’s standard of living in the Amazon, I love working for a social-good company!  I'm proud to have been part of the team for the summer and I look forward to following the story and seeing where the future will lead!

- Jordan, Peaceful Fruits Summer Entrepreneurship Intern