It’s Treat Time!


“Trick or treat, smell my feet, gimme something good to eat”

Halloween is right around the corner and we have a trick up our sleeve that we’re sure will make your neighbors salivate.

When Evan was in the Peace Corps, passionfruit juice was one of his absolute favorite treats. From nutrients to flavor, these fruits pack a powerful punch. And, while the most of our snacks feature natural sweetness (no concentrates, no sugar added ever) our passionfruit treats are sensationally sour.

For the mischievous treater, delicious passionfruit snacks might be the perfect trick.





  sour to the core

sour to the core

Woaaah, that’s Ghoulish. Passionfruit is good for me you say?

Yes! Passionfruit is full of good-for-you nutrients. First up is fan-favorite fiber. Soluble fiber, the gooey pulp in passionfruit, helps detox your system and aids digestion. Passionfruit also has high potassium- which contributes to lower blood pressure- and contains 100% your daily dose of vitamin C.

Good for the neighborhood, good for the world!

passionfruit treat nutrition

As always, we never play tricks when it comes to our ingredients. True to our roots, our passionfruit is sustainably sourced from the rainforest in South America.

We give you nothing but the whole fruits, blended together to make your snack natural and delicious! This snack is a nice bright orange, but it's from where all other good things come from- nature. We like it that way, so we don’t mess with it.   


Power up with Passionfruit!

Nothing to slow you down here: We only take the best fruit, mash it up, and then dry it into lunch box solution strips. This leaves you all the benefits of the tangy passionfruit and powers you up for a night full of fun.

passionfruit treat

We hope your Halloween is full of delight,

Trick with this treat for a fun, spooky night!

~the team at Peaceful Fruits

P.S. if you want to freak your friends by eating a delicious, ghoulish-looking fruit, here’s a quick video on how to eat a passionfruit!