Over the moon for Acai


Obviously, we’re silly for acai - though not all of our snacks feature this incredible superfood, most do!  That’s because it’s full of healthy fats and super antioxidants. Acai is the perfect cure for a rumbling belly and it is good for the Amazon Rainforest as well!

Our acai also gives back to the Amazon, where our founder Evan served as a Peace Corps Volunteer. In the rainforest, we partner with local farmers who harvest acai off the trees that grow wild on their land. This helps them generate income and also creates incentives to keep land natural and wild! At the same time, the trees themselves also fertilize the earth and put the feel good nutrients back in the dirt - helping to jumpstart the forest cycle in areas where the rainforest has been damaged.

Acai helps renew you and the earth, what more could you ask for?

Here’s a farmer sourcing acai from a very high tree.


All kinds of acai

6 of our 8 flavors feature Evan’s favorite rainforest acai. (Passionfruit and Mango stand alone)
The original acai features our favorite purple fruit as the main ingredient, while the others add the superfood in as a power-up of health and energy.

original acai 100% whole fruit.jpg
100% whole fruit drizzle.jpg

Tada! Snacks now featuring your favorite fruit + Acai

Before switching over to our new flavors, we thought a lot about what we wanted and didn’t want to do. We knew we wanted to have fun with the texture and make sure people’s tastebuds had some fun. We wanted the flavors of our snacks to be recognizable; like you just took a bite out of an apple, but it just-happened-to-have-been-slow-dried-with-love-so-it-would-fit-in-your-lunch box-and-never-go-bad!

But we also wanted all our snacks to have that connection to the rainforest that Peaceful Fruits is all about - and to offer something special in terms of flavor and nutrition. That’s why you gotta have that acai on top!

We like to think of that fruity zig-zag as an acai power up. This way, you’re still able to taste the deliciousness of strawberry (or blueberry or pineapple or apple or peach) but you get the round, energizing flavor of acai too. It’s a win-win situation.

New Flavors 2.0?

We love the look of the drizzle, but we want to hear what you have to say! Circles, smiley faces, stars, your name, do you have any designs that you’d like to see on our snacks? Other fruits we should drizzle with...or drizzle on? Comment below or shoot us an e-mail to let us know what you think!

We’re excited to hear from you.

Fruitfully yours,
The team at Peaceful Fruits