Around the World in a Peaceful Fashion

If you've been following our us, you may have seen a picture or two of Peaceful Fruits snacks from Paris to Maine and all around! Why?

 Peaceful Fruits in Paris! 

Well, what can we say, this is a snack that travels well! Which makes sense when you consider our roots in Peace Corps (did you know that took almost a full day to get from the city to PF Founder Evan's village? Part of the trip required a canoe.  Seriously.)

Now, with a trip to the Ecuadorian Rainforest we're sponsoring via Traverse Journeys on the 2018 horizon, it seems like this traveling theme is becoming a regular thing! It's a wonderful, interesting world out there - just like our snacks and our snackers aka you!

Sooo...let's talk about that upcoming trip!


Just like Evan traveled to Suriname as Peace Corps Volunteer to help create sustainable economic opportunity, Peaceful Fruits aims to support the community at every step of our business model.  From production, to our team members, to the how/why/where of people enjoying our snacks!

That's why we have taken interest in the kind of travel that leaves the community and the traveler better than before. And that's why we're sponsoring Traverse Journeys's trip to Ecuador in February with a community-oriented itinerary in mind: you'll stay in eco-friendly places and learn about some of the most beautiful sites in the world, all while traveling with people who care. And you can bet the food (snacks in particular) will be just as awesome!

If you are up for the adventure of a lifetime, definitely check out Traverse Journey.  Even if you are looking for something a bit lower key, we hope you'll look for ways to leave the community you visit better than you found it. And don't forget your favorite snacks!