From Shark Tank to Now: Peaceful Fruits' Shark Tank Journey


From swimming with the Sharks to riding the wave!

An Akron based startup company sees success after appearing on ABC's Shark Tank.

February on went by pretty quickly for us. Humbled at the incredible response from our fans, we buckled down for a whirlwind as we fulfilled thousands of Shark Tank orders from across America.

With little warning about the episode hitting airwaves and no idea what to expect, on February 10th we dove headfirst into the living rooms (or wherever people watch TV these days) of about 7.9 million.

Now, a little over 6 months and one rerun later, we thought we’d reflect and share our Shark Tank lessons learned with you.

First, what is Shark Tank and why is it such a big deal?

shark tank fruit snacks

ABC’s Shark Tank is a chance for sprouting entrepreneurs to pitch in front of investors (the Sharks) and their combined $3+ billion dollars of resources and business acumen. If the Sharks like what they see, they might choose to invest their money. If they pass, well at least you got to spend the night in Hollywood!

With nearly 8 million dedicated watchers and many more casual fans, Shark Tank is part of the popular vocabulary - it’s reality TV and a shot at your 15 minutes of fame - if you can impress those Sharks!

shark tank fruit snacks

Before Peaceful Fruits' Shark Tank episode, we were producing and shipping about 1000 of our healthy sweet snacks per week.  We ramped up as much as we could with the 2 weeks notice we got, but with little warning and no capital there wasn’t much we could do until we saw how the episode was received!

We didn’t get any money from the Sharks, but we think we earned their respect. Ultimately declining to invest because we were too early stage and unproven, they nonetheless complimented our clean snacks, our mission-based business model, and our founder’s approach to life and entrepreneurship.

Following that successful moment in the spotlight, we woke up to over 2000 organic fruit snack orders the next morning.  Just for context, that’s more than we sold in all of 2016 and our website had never had that many visitors ever.  This was a dive into deep water with no time to look back!

So, we doubled down on what we know: mission, elbow grease, and our own bootstraps. We scrounged up $25,000 more and quintupled our production capacity. All this, of course, without compromising our handmade, save-the-world, mission.


So other than a bunch of orders, what did you get out of this?

Shark Tank taught us a lot but two things really stick out:

1.) We love our customers! The staggering number of people who reached out - about our clean snacks, our story, and everything in between was just incredible.  It’s amazing to see that people really care about what we are doing and are willing to support it and help us make this dream a reality.

2.) Peaceful Fruits is in this thing and we aren’t backing down from any challenge! We’ve gotten creative, gotten help, and when all was said done - we’ve gotten down to the hard work of doing this right.  And we love it.

Thank you so much for being with us on this journey - and for your patience and support as we grow. The thing that we are most proud of, throughout, is that we are doing this in a way that never compromises what our customers deserve and what our people and environment deserve.

since you’re done with Shark Tank, now what are you up to?

Scaling up and talking about our new flavors of course! 

100% Fruit Snacks Shark Tank
shark tank 100% Fruit Snacks

Just like always, our fruit snacks are 100% fruit only, never from concentrate, and without artificial flavors or colors. 
If you haven’t tried them yet, head over to our buy page and get them shipped to your house right after you order!

Thank you again so much for your support and for believing in our save the world mission. We’ll be showing off our new flavors for a while, we hope that you’ll give them a try!

Until next time!

~the team at Peaceful Fruits