Fruit v. Sugar - What’s the big idea?


There’s sugar in pop and candy bars, granola bars, fruit, bread, and even salad dressing!
 Sugar is a carbohydrate, which our body needs for energy - but we all know that not all sugars are the same!

 Just a few of the many items in our daily life which include sugar.

Just a few of the many items in our daily life which include sugar.


Turns out, knowing which foods will fuel us best is about knowing the whole picture.

What’s mixed in? How is it processed? These questions can determine how your body feels after eating a snack! In this video, Kimber Stanhope answers the standard question, “Is sugar in fruit different than sugar in soda?”


The answer is no, and yes. Overall, your body sees sugar just as sugar, so when making a food purchase checking the grams does matter! But how you digest that sugar is also important - and that’s where stuff like fiber, vitamins, minerals, and nutrients (or lack thereof) matter a lot.


The nutrients, sugar, and other active compounds in fruits and veggies create a whole food that your body is good at digesting and processing.
But, if you cram all that sugar into one bite (like a fruit rollup) with none of the all-important extras, you are going to see some issues!

Whole foods keep you full and energized for longer

All the happy, good for you stuff - like fiber and potassium- gives your body more to do (digest all that fiber and other good stuff) and because your body has more to do, whole foods are a higher quality, longer-lasting fuel.  

Definitely consult a nutritionist or doctor if you have detailed questions, but sugar is necessary to fuel your body.  Your body likes sugar best when it’s mixed with other things, as part of real-actual-whole foods!  So if that ingredient list has added sugar/processing/junk on it instead of just food...skip it!

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Have a great day out there!

~the team at Peaceful Fruits