Get ready for . . .

In that lull of the day (or all the time, if you are me) we want a snack. And - again, if you are me  - you probably want that snack to be healthy, delicious, and fun!

So here’s a creative way to use presentation to add some fun and excitement to snack time (especially good for any picky eaters you might have in your household) - fruit sushi!!

Big Note - We are using the term “sushi” VERY loosely here! This is 100% fruit only.

Version 1.) OG classic (fruit only)

 Materials: Banana*                                                                             Time: 20 minutes           
                  2 Strawberries
                  2 Peaceful Fruits
                2-3 tbsp Nut-butter
                  2 tbs coconut shreddies
    Serves 2
    *not all of the fruit will be used, that’s okay! Save it for later or have an extra snack.


First, take a quick trip around your kitchen, grocery store, or wherever you get your fruit, and assemble your fruity, tooty, fruit sushi ingredients!


We recommend the fruits above, but feel free to experiment or check out some of our suggested variations at the end of the article. (Also, if you don’t like coconut shreddies, you can simply leave them out. Easy peasey.  Don’t put peas in though!)

Next, prepare all your ingredients by spreading nut-butter over the fruit strips, sprinkling coconut shreddies on top, and using your finest chopping skills to cut the fruit.


Finally, wrap and roll! Stick your banana on, tuck the apple underneath, and put the strawberry on top. Roll it up and chop chop chop! This might get a little messy and don’t be afraid to stretch the Peaceful Fruits over the banana, apple, and strawberry. Also pro-tip; extra nut butter on the edge will help it seal. 


Version 2.) Raising the stakes and impressing famished folks with some rice.

Though this version is slightly more time consuming, it elevates the snack to appetizer level. We promise it’s worth it.

    Materials: Banana                                                                                               Time: 30 min              
                  2 Strawberries
                  2 Peaceful Fruits
               2-3 tbs Nut-butter (optional)
                  2 tbs coconut shreddies (optional)
                1/2 cup cooked rice
                  2 tbs sugar
                     dash salt
                  2 tbs coconut milk
    Serves 2


First assemble the troops! You can use the same ingredients as the OG frushi, but for this version you will also need 1/2 cup cooked rice- any type of rice or rice like food will do the trick. Have fun trying out different versions using brown rice, basmati rice, or even minced cauliflower! You will also need 2 tbs sugar, a dash of salt, and 2 tablespoons of coconut milk (of course, we recommend finding one with a good practices certification, or whose mission is kind to the world.)


Next put the rice, sugar, and coconut milk into a bowl and mix it up. If you want a thicker consistency, feel free to throw it in the microwave for a minute or so. While this is happening you can cut the fruit.

After the coconut milk is all mixed the rice should be putty-like.

Next neatly put nut butter on your apples, followed by coconut shreddies, rice, fruit, and a thin strip of Peaceful Fruits.


And there you have it! Healthy and filling, we hope you enjoy!

                    ~the team at Peaceful Fruits

P.S. Here are some ideas for other tasty fruit sushis: Pear, grape, and walnut
                                                                                     Kiwi, pineapple, and apple
                                                                                     Blueberries, raspberries, and orange