Peaceful Fruits and the Autism Hope Alliance

Happy New Year fellow fruit lovers! We hope that your January has been productive and that your New Year’s resolutions are going well! We’re excited to introduce you to a new partner, the Autism Hope Alliance

As you all know, Peaceful Fruits is social enterprise all about 1) Amazing healthy fruit snacks and 2) Protecting the Amazon Rainforest. What we don’t talk about quite as much is HOW we make our amazing snacks.

Our mission is about economic empowerment - from the Amazon to Akron, where we are based. And that’s why we produce our snacks through a partnership with two local non-profits The Blick Center and Hattie Larhlam. These organizations work with people who have disabilities (primarily mental/developmental) to improve and empower their lives in many ways, including vocational training. We then partner with these folks to create full wage jobs for the clients. That’s how you ACTUALLY make delicious, healthy snacks with love!

Here’s a picture of Briana, from Hattie Larhlam, finishing a batch of cut fruit snacks!

Here’s a picture of Briana, from Hattie Larhlam, finishing a batch of cut fruit snacks!


Briana, and the rest of the team, do incredible work - they are an asset to our business and to our hearts. We think anybody getting started in business should look at ways to work with this skilled and underutilized pool of amazing people.

That commitment led to the Autism Hope Alliance reaching out and recognizing us with membership in their organization.


For a quick look at AHA, check out this video.


AHA works through education, financial support, and volunteerism. They have helped over 10,000 families through programs and donation, have traveled to 26 states giving over 4000 free lectures to families on their grassroots tour, and have assisted over 50 families in attending the Autism Treatment Center of America®, where the Son-Rise Program® is taught. In a quote AHA, “was developed to raise dollars, bring awareness, create standards, and ensure companies are being socially responsible for their community.” 

If you were quick, while watching the video you caught that AHA is the first non-profit foundation for Autism to emerge from the natural foods industry - we like that a lot.  Because we think good food should do good!

autism hope alliance peaceful fruits

That is why we are so proud to have been invited to be a member - this is exactly what Peaceful Fruits is all about. While we aren’t exclusively focused on folks with autism, we are very proud to be part of a growing movement for these people and others with similar disabilities.

What you put in your body matters. And so does where you choose to spend your time and your money.  That’s why we work hard to give you delicious fruit snacks that are good for you, and good for the world. We are grateful to the Autism Hope Alliance for recognizing that and we look forward to continuing this work!

For more information, please check out their website at 

Have a great day out there!