When reality TV hits reality bigtime

Peaceful Fruits behind the scenes: don’t blink!

In the past two weeks we’ve gone from a steadily pushing forward to a crazy sprint. Why?

Because of Shark Tank, of course! If you haven’t seen it yet, check out Evan in all his glory right here. (And here's a bit about our episode - timestamp 20:31).

And read on to hear from some of the team (featuring Margo and Evan this week!) on how Peaceful Fruits is handling this incredible ramp up!

1.) The life of an fruit snack entrepreneur can be pretty chaotic as is; from snack making (whether that’s buying berries from the Amazon or pulling the 3am shift to get one more batch made!) to R&D, to business management, to all of the never-ending emails. This brings us to our first question:

Evan, before Shark Tank what was the first thing that you did after eating breakfast? What’s the first thing you do after eating breakfast now?

Well, before Shark Tank I would usually dive into emails to clean out my inbox and get a to-do list together, usually centered on growing sales and building our brand. Now, I just try to get through breakfast with less than 3 phone calls! I’m in pretty much constant touch with suppliers, our production partners, and customers as we race to ramp up and make our supporters proud and our customers happy!

2.) Peaceful Fruits is more than just a snack, it’s a story that everyone is invited to be part of. Through her work on our website and social media - across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more - Margo is a key part of how we tell that story.

Margo, how do you keep track of everything when you are communicating through so many different avenues?!

Technologically-speaking, it’s actually easier than you would think! I use a platform that combines these accounts into a single screen so I can manage them together. The hard part is staying up to date with both telling OUR side of the story and responding to all of the comments and inputs from YOU. We always want to stay fresh and make sure that we are sharing things that you want to see and that help people connect and engage with what Peaceful Fruits is all about!

3.) In the past two weeks we’ve created 10 new jobs, more than doubled production capacity, and are working to triple that double.

Evan, what has been the most time consuming part of this process? Approximately how many cups of coffee have you drank between now and Shark Tank?

One of the things many people don’t understand is just how artisan our snacks really are! We are adding folks to the team, adding more equipment, and working extra hours - but the secret to a good, all-natural fruit snack is time and love. Those are two things you can’t rush! Each snack is slow dried and then individually inspected to make sure it’s nothing but the best.  So figuring out how to ramp up without compromising that delicious chewy center, that takes some work! In regards to coffee....well there was that one day when I hit 14 cups. That was a long day!

4.) These past two weeks have been a time warp, by in a blink! But, situations like these are also important learning opportunities.

Margo, what are some lessons that you’ve learned through this experience?

I’ve definitely learned a lot! For one, it’s been incredible to see the volume of people reaching out - via email and many other ways - to support our mission and share their stories. Their patience and understanding as we grow and try to answer every email, question, and order as fast as we can has been incredible.  It’s great to be reminded how many good people are out there in the world!

5.) This last question is for Margo AND Evan: The coolest part about Peaceful Fruits is that all of our hard work is genuinely helping people in need from Akron to the Amazon and providing a snack that people don’t have to think twice and worry about.

What are your favorite parts about Peaceful Fruits and making our mission a reality?

Margo: “It’s hard to choose a favorite part, but I feel especially connected to our roots in the Amazon Rainforest, helping indigenous tribes maintain their livelihoods and preserve the naturalness of the Amazon. I have not personally traveled to the Amazon yet, but whether I go this year or in 50 years, I want to know it will still be there. Peaceful Fruits helps make that true.”
Evan: “My favorite part is feeling like I’m a real part of changing the way things work. I have the privilege of, day after day, seeing Peaceful Fruits be able to make things a little bit better for a lot of different people - whether that’s a family in a grocery store that tastes something delicious and healthy, a new employee at Blick, or the impact in the Amazon. And the number of people we can impact in a good way gets bigger every day - and that’s what this is all about!

Thanks for taking the time to learn more about the team at Peaceful Fruits, we wouldn’t be here without you. Here's a clip that sums up how we feel about the power of working together. 


Have a great day out there!