Happy New Year!


As February rolls in, New Year’s resolutions - noble and well intended as they are- tend to roll out. Life gets busy and it’s easy to forget about your resolve to practice patience, leave for work 10 minutes early, or stay calm while driving instead of honking a million times. We’re with you on that. But instead of giving up and waiting until next year, here are some tips to bring in a fresh new wave of willpower to grab 2017 by the berries!

1) Center yourself and remember what got you pumped to change in the first place!

Maybe you’re tired of rushing, or want to eat more healthy snacks, or figure out how to conserve the rainforest. Whatever your resolutions, chances are that you made them for a specific reason. Take some time to reflect on why you chose the goal that you did and why it’s important to you. That’s what needs to be at the front of your mind when you are wavering between old habits and new!

2) Mindfully decide how you’re going to work on your resolution.

It’s all well and good to make goals, but action items are what it’s all about! This is literally what keeps Peaceful Fruits forging ahead.  Keep the goal in mind, but also decide what you will do to work towards that goal TODAY - and tomorrow and beyond. For example, “I’m going to eat healthier by substituting my daily afternoon bowl of ramen with a Peaceful Fruits snack and a handful of granola.” Or “I’m not going to turn on Netflix until dishes are done in the sink!”

3) Determine how you will measure success.

Before you start, make sure you know where you want to end - not in broad terms, but concrete ones! Maybe it’s scoring an interview for the Peace Corps, going on a road trip solo, or making dinner healthy and delicious! The fun part is that you YOU get to decide.

Here’s a video that offers some more tips to reaching success, although whew- they sure do recommend making a lot of goals.


4) Be gentle and kind and keep moving forward! Each day is a new opportunity and fresh start.

Nobody is perfect, so don’t give up! The path to success isn’t straight, there’s lots of curves and twists and turns. Enjoy them as they give you new challenges to work on and goals to achieve!

So go out there and get ‘em! You can do it!

~the team at Peaceful Fruits