Nina & AJ


Twas the back to school circus and all through the house
Not a clue for the lunch snacks, not even an ounce
The blank grocery list was on the fridge with care,
In hopes that the perfect treat would soon be written there.
When shopping, you see, there was bumping of heads
No agreement of snack food or even of bread

But to make a decision, you needn’t look more
Get AJ or Nina shipped right to your door!

The perfect snack is hotly debated, but we think that whoever mentioned variety was on the right track.

That’s the idea that inspired our assortment packs: AJ & Nina. Instead of having to choose from 8 flavors, you can choose from 2 assortments and get 4 amazing flavors sent right to your door! Both assortments have a little bit of everything - berries, tropical fruits, and acai - so that you can try a lot with just one pack. And, with 3 of each flavor, you have more than enough fruit for a whole week of lunches!

Ooo what are the flavors?

With nothing but organic fruit, we're as good for you as we are for the world (1).png

The AJ is a smooth fruity bite of mango, then some peach drizzled with acai, rounded out with the re-imagined classic - pineapple + acai drizzle, and finally features the delicious and delicate blueberry + acai drizzle.

With some zing and some sweet, this is a perfect grab bag of save the world snacks!

These seem really good, but why’d you name it AJ?


AJ’s story is from the very beginning of Peaceful Fruits. Fresh home from Suriname and following some serious brainstorming about what Peaceful Fruits’ snacks should be, Evan showed up at a local CSA/farmer’s market after making some fruit strips in his parents’ kitchen. Evan’s goal was to see if the snacks were any good - and, well, it turns out they were and Peaceful Fruits made some important friends in the meantime! 

Two of the folks that stopped by Evan’s table that day were AJ and his mom, Peg. They got very excited while listening to Evan’s story; AJ’s sister was in Brazil and his mom had many connections to South and Central America. They swapped adventure stories and got excited for what Peaceful Fruits could become. AJ has Down Syndrome, but he’s never let that keep him down and he offered to come help Evan with packaging and labeling snacks once the company got up and running!

That’s how the friendship was born.

About 6 months later, Evan was ready for help and AJ and Peg were more than up for the job. Starting as volunteers around the kitchen table, Peg soon connected Evan with The Blick Center, a service provider for people with disabilities in the community, and then with Hattie Larlham, which allowed Peaceful Fruits to amplify our mission, scale up, and start producing on a larger scale! AJ still works with Peaceful Fruits and, though he’ll always be known as one of our first friends and volunteers, he now earns a full wage working with labeling, inventory, and order fulfillment.

Nina Peaceful Fruits.png

Another awesome assortment honoring one of our early supporters, the Nina offers the the sour deliciousness of passionfruit, the classic apple + acai drizzle, our original acai blend, and a one-of-a-kind strawberry + acai drizzle that will make you question where you last put your peanut butter. From the energizing sour of passionfruit to the sweet warmth of acai, these snacks are sure to put you at the table with all the cool kids.


Does the name Nina have a story too?

Peaceful Fruits Nina.jpg

You bet it does! Nina was a long time family friend of Evan’s and very active in the community, especially around health and wellness.  As a highly respected physician, she did a lot to give back - and she was Peaceful Fruits’ first major backer.  

Though it doesn’t seem that long ago, Nina was the primary driver of our success Kickstarter last September.  Her support helped us ramp up towards Expo East … and Shark Tank! Thanks to her, Peaceful Fruits was able to gain a tremendous amount of exposure to the wider world of food - and lay the groundwork for much of what we’ve done over the last year.

As per the KickStarter, Evan had planned to take Nina to the Amazon as part of our thank you for her support - but unfortunately she lost her battle with cancer before that could happen.  Peaceful Fruits will still be taking her family (who Evan grew up with as friends) and we are incredibly proud to name this assortment, including the acai and passionfruit that she loved, in her honor. A small token for a woman who touched so many lives.

And now you know! Thanks for tuning into a poem, some fun, and some Peaceful Fruits history too!

Have a great day out there!

~the team at Peaceful Fruits