4 Healthy habits you’ve never heard of


The busier you get, the easier it is to forget the little things that are so important to a happy, healthy, mindset. Read on for 4 simple ways to refocus and center yourself to get the most bang out of your day.

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Habit #1 - Hydration Station!

“First thing in the morning hydration station.”

As you sleep, your body is using energy to repair itself and get ready for the next day. Breakfast is usually first thing on the mind in the morning, but it’s just as important to get water too! To help do this everyday,  make water an event by cutting up fruits like lemons and strawberries to make “spa water”. It’s a quick and easy thing to do to take care of yourself and feel extra indulgent.

Simply cut the fruit of your choice (organic is best here if you’re planning to include the peel) and either put in into a water bottle or pitcher. Cover it with water the night before, and it will absorb the fruit’s flavor. Alternatively you can make fruit juice ice cubes and throw them into your glass in the morning for an extra pop. (This is super fun with carbonated water!)


Try and have a glass of cold water while getting ready and making coffee in the morning. It helps wake you up and get rolling for a productive day.


Habit #2 - The 10 Minute Clean Up

Cleaning may not be the most exciting activity, but it sure helps keep life organized! When things calm down - or when they seem like they never will - a quick 10 minutes to tidy can help keep you grounded! A few dishes, a quick wipedown, or whatever you can do in a jiffy. Once you start having these little clean up parties, you’ll be surprised at how much less you’ll have to do when you actually do decide to “clean” and how much better you feel in the meantime!


Habit #3 - Disconnect for a minute

Get dirty. Go outside. Dig a hole. Hike a mountain. Plant a garden. Swing on the swingset in the park. Ride your bike. Get sunshine on your face and dirt underneath your fingernails. Or at least stand up and stare longingly out the window for a minute! There are few things more relaxing/better for you than being outside and doing whatever comes with that. Enjoy.


Habit #4 - Mind your eyes!

Screen time can be fun time, especially while warm in your bed....but dropping your phone (on your face or out of bed) is not the only risk! The light from your phone/screen can mess with your body’s natural rhythms and make it hard to fall asleep at night. Consider getting an app like Twilight or Sunset Screen, which minimize exposure to blue light, helping you get a good night of rest. After you’re done with your phone, of course.


Thanks for taking the time to read our suggestions, we hope they can help you out too!

Have a great day out there :)