All About Mango #2


Here at Peaceful Fruits, we’re all about happy, healthy, sustainable fruit.
We want to share our love of fruit with you, so we decided to write a post about one of our favorite fruits - Mango!

1.) What’s the craziest thing you’ve heard all day?

Mango Tree.jpg

51 different types of mangoes on one tree! It’s no secret that farming has gotten more difficult lately. Ravi Marshetwar made it his mission to help make the lives of mango farmers in India easier. He did this by teaching new techniques and by saving endangered mango varieties by grafting them all on one tree. Yes - you heard that right, the picture above has 51 different types of mangoes! Learn more about this feat here

2.) Want to take advantage of all the tasty mango in the grocery store? How about this mango tiramisu?  

mango dessert.jpg

This recipe only has 5 ingredients and they’re probably already in your cupboard. For a plant-based option, swap coconut condensed milk and coconut heavy cream.
It’s perfect for an almost healthy, but still full of fruit, summer dessert!  

3.) Or maybe you’re not a dessert person and prefer salty snacks instead. Grab your tortilla chips because we found a really good one!

mango blueb salsa.jpg

Blueberry Salsa isn’t the first thing that comes to mind when thinking “mango snacks” but it’s perfect for a mango craving and blueberry season! The tanginess of the mango and sweetness of the blueberries balance each other out in all the right ways. (Hmm, I think we’ve heard of mangoes and blueberries being together somewhere else?) Just swap out papaya for mango and you’ve got a delicious, nutritious snack to crunch on.

4.) Of course it isn’t a blog all about mangoes without some facts about mangoes themselves!

mango facts.jpg

Here are some more facts to get you started:
- Mangoes have been around for about 5,000 years!
- Mangoes were first grown in India
- Mangoes come in more than just one color: they can be red, yellow, orange, or green!

Here’s some more mango facts for the super curious

We hope you enjoyed learning a little bit more about mangoes today! To try your favorite fruit in fruit leather form, be sure to head over to our store and pick up some Mango Peaceful Fruits!

Have a great day out there!

~The team at Peaceful Fruits