Changing Perceptions for Ecommerce


Peaceful Fruits is all in when it comes to ecommerce.  Less big business getting in the way, more connection to the real – amazing! – people across the country that care about food and community in the same way we do. Skeptics sometimes ask us if the market for social good, organic fruit leather is big enough to be worth bothering with – but, thanks to the internet, there really is no such thing as niche anymore.  Not if your snacks are yummy, anyway.


But finding your tribe still isn’t easy. Just like it’s hard to be spotted on store shelves, it’s hard to be spotted on the interwebs.  SEO, social media, pay-per-click, platform management – so much to do and we’ve been working hard to up our game online. Check out our new option for subscriptions!  We are working on our website, getting ready for a big launch on, and building our social media following like woah… but you know where we WEREN’T thinking about until recently?

ebay Retail Revival 1.png

Remember them?  I have to admit, I kind of didn’t – they were lost in the soft middle between craigslist (is that still a thing?) and Amazon, always there but not on the first page of google.  

It turns out, however, that eBay – despite accounting for 1/7th the ecommerce that Amazon does – is still a powerhouse of a company that is doing some amazing stuff.  They helped raise over $84 million for charities last year and their culture is all about people and community, it’s actually pretty cool.  I learned this because I got a chance to meet eBay’s CEO and many other on the team as part of a recent partnership that eBay has launched with Akron, called Retail Revival.


This project is meant to help some of the forgotten parts of America continue to build themselves up by their bootstraps – but to do it on an incredible platform that has a dedicated following of millions. Yup, it’s eBay!  They are helping businesses that might not think of themselves as ecommerce whizzes get on the internet and put themselves out there – and they are starting it in Akron!

This is a cool partnership. The mission, the team, the desire to get it done – eBay has been amazing at the resources they are dedicating to supporting businesses like Peaceful Fruits here in Akron. It is incredibly impressive to see a major Silicon Valley company step up and dive into middle America.

That said, I think they’ve got a tough road ahead of them.  Amazon, arguably the biggest disruptor of the modern era, is making a strong showing.  But they need some competition and it’s very cool to see that eBay is far from content to be in 2nd place.  And, with Amazon pushing out into other spaces like that recent purchase of Whole Foods, it’s really cool to see someone pushing into their space.

At the end of the day, I don’t know if eBay is the kind of place where people will go to buy things like delicious, organic fruit leather from Akron – but I do know it’s a great community to be part of. Peaceful Fruits is honored to be part of this #RetailRevival and we’ll be working hard to make it a success – along with our new friends at eBay!

 Devin Wenig (CEO eBay), All-Stay Lindsey, and Evan

Devin Wenig (CEO eBay), All-Stay Lindsey, and Evan