On a Journey with Ashley Blake (Part 2)

A few more from Ashley at Traverse Journeys! Peaceful Fruits is sponsoring the Traverse Journeys trip to the Ecuador Rainforest in February. Join us! 

How did you initially connect with Peaceful Fruits? How do you and your fellow travelers continue to connect with Peaceful Fruits’ mission?
I heard about Peaceful Fruits through a podcast Evan was on and was struck by a few things. First, his time in the Peace Corp and second because of the use of açai. Before Traverse, I had a brand in the natural foods space and I resonated with Evan’s emphasis on the fair trade mindset, not only with his supply chain, but with his US employees. My old company also manufactured in a facility that employs people with disabilities, which I think is really valuable because these are incredibly talented people whose unique skills too often get overlooked in the workplace. I really respected what Evan was doing - building a natural foods brand is extremely challenging - and I thought I’d reach out.

At first, it was just to have a general conversation about both Peaceful Fruits and Traverse. Then months later, we reconnected and went forward with the Amazon Ecuador sponsorship.


Tell us a story from your recent trip to Nicaragua.
There are SO many stories of early morning yoga on the terrace, sandy walks on the beach, and sunset bonfires. But I think my favorite from this trip had to be our cultural exchange day with our community partner Barrio Planta Project. It’s a kids’ supplementary education program in San Juan del Sur, and we spent the afternoon doing Spanish/English exchange, yoga and dancing, and then as a finale the kids broke open a piñata, which they LOVED! They played salsa & merengue throughout, and (a new tradition I want to adopt!) the kids had dance offs between each swing. It was adorable, fun, and reminded me that no matter where you come from in life there’s room for joy.

How did you use Peaceful Fruits in your trip?
We included snacks in each of the client’s welcome packs, which everyone loved and appreciated! I myself very much enjoyed having a healthy snack on the plane. At one point I was stuck in an airport for 6 hours where my choices were 7-11 and Subway, so I was super grateful to have something handy. :)

Peaceful Fruits on a plane!

Peaceful Fruits on a plane!