Spend the Rest of the Summer in Style

Summer in the northern hemisphere is the time to show off. Whether you snap the perfect ice cream cone swirl, Instagram that beautiful sunset from the other night, or post an album on Facebook of your most recent vacation, now is your time to social media shine! But how can you make yourself really stand out this summer? By rocking a Peaceful Fruits apparel item! Because it's no secret that localized fashion turns heads and makes people wonder, where did they get that? 

Between checking emails, members of the Peaceful Fruits team have taken some time of their own for adventure this summer - Evan kicked June off in San Jose as a guest of eBay, Keila spend Memorial Day weekend in steamin' hot Texas with her family, and Margo picked peaches in Long Island in mid-July. And, we've all done it in style!

Margo Schmiederer