Where to Buy Peaceful Fruits


Amazon.com – The biggest market out there?

Amazon is more than just a platform, it’s basically the biggest store there is, selling everything and, most importantly, offering unprecedented convenience. It’s both making every single good into a commodity  and offering an unprecedented opportunity to tell the story behind a product through reviews and premium content. Is it the best platform for startups like Peaceful Fruits? Or the worst?

About a year and a half ago, when Peaceful Fruits was in maybe a dozen stores, I launched the brand on Amazon as well.  With features intentionally designed to springboard off the success of our Kickstarter Campaign and continue telling our story, Amazon.com quickly was on track to be our largest customer. We went in through Vendor Express, the smallest and easiest/cheapest entry point, and were essentially selling to Amazon like any other wholesale account – but with complete control over how our product was displayed. The only thing we couldn’t control was how much stock they ordered.

That meant, as we were preparing for and then dealing with the overflow of orders from Shark Tank – Amazon was just a waste of time.  Less margin, less data, and – most importantly – no ability to communicate with the people behind the orders, whether at corporate Amazon.com or the actual end consumer. So we turned it off and routed everything through our own website.

That’s the problem with Amazon. From the consumer side, ultra convenient.  From the business side, it’s opaque, confusing, and it can feel impossible to find a real person to talk to. So we just didn’t play ball.  It let us stay focused on building our relationship with OUR customers, instead of with Amazon’s customers – but it also meant we ceded a lot of ground.

Now, that we are trying to re-launch, we are dealing with unauthorized re-sellers that – despite crazy prices, incorrect information, and older products – dominate the listings of Peaceful Fruits on Amazon.  It’s frustrating, not just because it’s a lost sales opportunity but because I know customers aren’t getting the best experience of Peaceful Fruits.

However, we are now working with the experts to take back control and make sure Peaceful Fruits goes back on the platform in a big way and in the right way. We want to take back control so we can improve the customer experience, regain control of the sales, and – hopefully – create loyal customers, even one step removed.  With Amazon now stepping out in the world of brick-and-mortar via Whole Foods, we have to be competitive in their world.

That’s the thing, Amazon is a great platform with an incredible ability to put products in front of people.  It almost feels like we have to be there. And that’s more than a little disconcerting.

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