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Who took the fruit out of fruit snacks?

Pretty much everyone. Most “fruit” snacks today have little or no fruit. They’re basically sugar and corn syrup. If there’s fruit, it’s usually concentrate, which strips out healthy fiber and nutrients and adds sugar.

Want fruit and nothing but the fruit? You’re gonna love Peaceful Fruits.

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Strawberry + Acai Drizzle

Caring about our kids - and ourselves.

The problem isn’t snacking, it’s the snacks.

Nutrition experts from Mayo Clinic and Cleveland Clinic agree that snacking is important. It keeps our metabolism up, our weight down, and provides important nutrients throughout the day.

But we need to choose good snacks. What tops the list? Fruit.

Portable Snacks

Portable fruit, good to go.

Ever try carrying a pineapple in your pocket?

Peaceful Fruits makes it easy. Our snacks are a full serving of fruit in a super convenient form. They fit nicely in school lunch bags, backpacks, glove compartments, purses, and desks. Try that with a pineapple!




303,252 healthier snacks

3,510 hours of full wage employment for people with disabilities

80,300 lbs of ethically sourced fruit, much of it helping to sustain the Amazon rainforest


Doing social good.

We’re about giving everyone a chance at something better - especially people who face significant barriers to a good life. We are incredibly proud to employ adults with disabilities in full wage jobs. They produce each and every one of our snacks.


Doing global good.

Our roots are in the Amazon. So are our hearts. We grew out of our founder’s volunteer work in the Peace Corps. He helped rainforest communities develop economically so they could protect their way of life and environment.

Now, that’s our goal too. We buy sustainable, ethically-sourced fruit from the Amazon. Join us in preserving the environment while helping families everywhere enjoy the best of what Mother Nature has to offer.


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