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about our superfood snacks


we are on a mission to change the way we snack

After his Peace Corps experience, Evan wanted to make the best snacks possible. They had to be good and not just good for you, but good tasting too. Evan created Peaceful Fruits to create superfood snacks that would enable people to connect with Mother Nature and the Amazon Rainforest even from far away - say, in a small city like Akron. This mean creating a snack that could travel, isn't overly processed, and was made from Mother Nature's goodness: real fruit, and nothing but. 

That's what Peaceful Fruits is all about.

USDA Organic Peaceful Fruits

Organic fruit - and nothing but - is what goes into our all-natural, save the world  superfood snacks. With just puree blended by hand and individually cared for, we preserve the nutrition and flavor of our fruit the simple, natural way - slow dried, at low temperatures. This process creates a delicious flavor and sweetness that stands on its own - no need for any added flavors, sweeteners, or additives. Enjoy the natural color and texture with peace of mind - this is what real fruit + love looks like. 

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Mother-Nature-Loving Snacks

Some people compare our fruit strips to rollups, but here's the difference between us and the other guys: we actually use natural, organic fruit in our fruit rollups. Who would have thought? Our snacks are non-GMO, vegan friendly, and gluten free, making them perfect for finicky families (whether by choice or dietary restrictions) and sophisticated snackers (we love label-readers).

Oh, and our packaging is recyclable because it's not just about what you take in, it's also about what you leave behind!

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