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wholesale healthy packaged snacks

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Love what you do and save the rainforest too!


Shelf life is over 12 months
8 unique flavors with 2 pre-selected assortments available
1 Shipper of Snacks includes 8 Cases with 24 individually wrapped snacks in Each case
pickup and delivery available 


Why Wholesale? 

- Free shipping when you order a shipper or more

- Floor and countertop displays

- Access to the best prices! Buy more = save more

Why Peaceful Fruits?

- Only whole fruit, so our snacks are a great fit for most diets (paleo, gluten-free, vegan)
See what’s inside.

- Unique in our category - we’re one of the only fruit leathers that only uses 100% fruit (never from concentrate)

- Our colorful packaging is on trend and catches attention

Join our Peaceful Community!

- Enthusiastic customer service support

- Exclusive access to our latest deals, news, and announcements

- Have a question? Contact Margo or Keila for one on one support!


Interested in Selling Peaceful Fruits? Get in touch!

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Text or call 330-356-8515


Looking for a healthy snack that’s easy to grab and go, delicious, trendy (we only use fruit!) and values the importance of having fun, eating well, and making a real difference too? Join our community of peaceful snackers! We work with each of our amazing retailers individually, to ensure you get undivided attention and answers to any questions you can think of.

We love to support our community and that includes you! We welcome any and all feedback you might have about our healthy, sweet, fruit snacks.

We offer healthy packaged snacks to individuals and retailers who want better for themselves, for their customers, and for the world. Our sweet, simple snacks are made from 100% whole fruit that USDA organic certified, vegan-friendly, gluten-free, and paleo-friendly. If your customers are looking for a low carb snack to eat on the go, Peaceful Fruits is a great option. 

Our customers range from young children to older adults with dietary restrictions, and everyone in between. While we are locally oriented with strong community roots, interest in our snack offerings is rapidly expanding nationally and internationally. We are currently available in more than 15 stores nationwide and have a strong online retail presence. 

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