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a message from our founder and ceo, Evan Delahanty

When I got the call for Shark Tank, I knew it was a once in a lifetime opportunity. I wanted to get out there to represent myself, Peaceful Fruits, and everyone supporting me to the best of my ability. More importantly, I wanted to show the potential for social enterprise to change the way we do business.

[ spoiler alert ] We didn't get any money from the Sharks, but I think we earned their respect. I'm so humbled by the response of world-famous investors to the Peaceful Fruits mission, and the incredible response from people across America. 

Peaceful Fruits is looking ahead and continuing with its mission to provide save the world snacks by 'doing good' along the way. We hope you join us! 



In 2016, before Shark Tank, we were:

  • Producing and shipping about 1000 snacks per week.
  • Employing 15 people with disabilities in full wage jobs at Hattie Larlham and Blick Center
  • About $25,000 in revenue, online and in 12 stores. 
  • Named one of the top social enterprise startups in Ohio by SEAChange and also featured on BuzzFeed and NPR.
A snapshot of our original team! 

A snapshot of our original team! 

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February 10th, 2017: Into The Tank!

This night was the culmination of so much work and preparation. Although the Sharks enjoyed our snacks and respected our mission, none of them decided to take a bite and invest in our company. Still, the world-famous investors had only good things to say about Peaceful Fruits, noting that companies with a mission like ours are the future of business. 

With that affirmation, and Daymond's taste endorsement, America decided we just might be on to something.

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Growing Fast & Right

That means we scrounged together $25,000 to do what we had to do to quintuple our production capacity over the next few months without compromising our handmade, save-the-world mission a little bit of body text.png
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10 new Full Wage Jobs for people with Disabilities Created

We doubled down on what makes Peaceful Fruits special: all-natural snacks made by hand, with real fruit, by people who have so much to offer. With a surge of orders, you gave us the boost we needed to expand our teams at Hattie Larlham and The Blick Center. Since Shank Tank, we have added more than 10 new jobs for people with disabilities. 

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Shipping Snacks like Woah

In the first 2 months after Shark Tank, we created and shipped more snacks than we did in all of 2016. Then - and now - we are working to build Peaceful Fruits so you can get the kind of snacks you deserve. Thank you so much for all the patience and support you gave us along the way.